Programs With Partners

Programs with partners

Here are the programs currently being implemented and planned by KM partners in various locations. Created and structured from various existing needs and backgrounds. Together we touch, help, and empower the lives of those in need. All of this is done with one goal, which is to bring and declare the love and grace of God. We invite all of you to join and provide support.

Elderly Home Program - Rumah Peduli Kasih

From a lifelong journey of serving the Lord and various experiences of helping and accompanying elderly people who passed away alone without family, Pastor Noh Asbanu has a very deep longing to create a home that accommodates those less fortunate who have to spend their old age alone with limitations.

Kareka Keni Community Empowerment Program

The community of residents in the village of Kareka Keni, West Wewewa district, Southwest Sumba, is in great need of our attention and support. Together with Yusuf Ngongo, we help and empower residents in need.

Water Well Drilling in Tlogowatu Village

The village of Tlogowatu is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. For decades, this village has been facing a shortage of water resources. Its residents rely on rain as their sole source of water, and when rainfall is scarce, they have to buy water from other villages.

Supporting Education for Children in Blimbing Village

Many children from remote villages are limited in access to education and opportunities that can shape their future. This  program is to help them pursue education to the highest level possible.