Rumah Peduli Kasih untuk Lansia Terlantar

Elderly Home Program - Rumah Peduli Kasih

The full name of this program is “Rumah Peduli Kasih untuk Lansia Terlantar”. It is the construction and operation of a nursing home for abandoned elderly individuals.

From a lifelong journey of serving the Lord and various experiences of helping and accompanying elderly people who passed away alone without family, Pastor Noh Asbanu has a very deep longing to create a home that accommodates those less fortunate who have to spend their old age alone with limitations.

Pastor Noh Asbanu of GPIAI Efata Boyolali church located in Boyolali, a region in the middle of Central Java province is leading this program.

Project details

Location: Dukuhan, RT/RW: 02/15 Desa Winong Kecamatan Boyolali Kabupaten Boyolali, Provinsi Jawa Tengah.

Construction Area: 312 M2.

Building features:

  • A two-floor building that contains 15 rooms that will ensure the privacy and comfort of occupants,
  • The building will contain a communal lounge, a dining room, and a garden,
  • It is important that the building provides excellent accessibility for individual elderly people as well as people with limited mobility.