What we do

With love and sincerity, we continue to move forward up until now, sharing our attention, thoughts, and assistance with them.

The Dusun Blimbing Social Initiative

Blimbing Village is located in the Juwangi District, Boyolali Regency, Central Java. It is overseen by Mr. Pardiyanto and his wife, Mrs. Ayu. They accompany and guide several household heads in land empowerment and economic activities.


KMEE - Kingdom Mission Economic Empowerment

KMEE, which stands for Kingdom Mission Economic Empowerment, is an initiative for economic transformation created by Kingdom Mission. This program is dedicated to establishing various ventures, such as banana farming, which are currently being developed.

Partnering with Charis Bible College (CBC) Indonesia

On several occasions, Kingdom Mission has partnered with CBC Indonesia and collaborated with local church organizations to conduct various activities in the Klaten and Boyolali regions.

Collaboration with Other Organizations

Kingdom Mission collaborates and networks with other organizations, such as the API branch in Klaten and BAMAG in Boyolali. This collaboration is maintained so that over time, they can assist those in the area when KM initiating seminars or training sessions for them.