Dusun Blimbing

The Dusun Blimbing Social Initiative

Dusun Blimbing is a small village located right in the middle of Java Island, the island with the highest population density in the country, and yet access in and out of this village is currently difficult. 


Our vision is to see the people of Dusun Blimbing prosper in every way that they can.

Through our Kingdom Mission Economic Empowerment (KMEE) program, we are working with a local couple, Bapak Pardianto and Ibu Ayu, and supporting their multifront efforts to help increase the economy and welfare of Dusun Blimbing.

The land around this village happens to be very fertile and this has opened up a number of opportunities. Therefore, we help formulate strategies on how the village can use their natural resources and their geographical advantages to improve their economy.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we are able to raise funds for various projects in the village. We monitor how these funds are used and our donors receive monthly financial reports.

On the other hand, Ibu Ayu has taken up the task to personally tutor the young children of Dusun Blimbing as they have limited access to schools. We help her by providing teaching materials and facilities.