Rumah Peduli Kasih untuk Lansia Terlantar

Rumah Peduli Kasih Elderly Home Project

The full name of this project is “Rumah Peduli Kasih untuk Lansia Terlantar”. It is the construction and operation of a nursing home. 



The project is led by Pendeta (Pdt.) Noh Asbanu, a pastor of GPIAI Efata Boyolali church located in Boyolali, a region in the middle of Central Java province.

Project details

Location: Dukuhan, RT/RW: 02/15 Desa Winong Kecamatan Boyolali Kabupaten Boyolali, Provinsi Jawa Tengah.

Construction Area: 312 M2.

Funds required: Rp624.000.000.

Building features:

  • A two-floor building that contains 15 rooms that will ensure the privacy and comfort of occupants,
  • The building will contain a communal lounge, a dining room, and a garden,
  • It is important that the building provides excellent accessibility for individual elderly people as well as people with limited mobility.