KMEE (Kingdom Mission Economic Empowerment)

We designed the Kingdom Mission Economic Empowerment (KMEE) program as a way to help disadvantaged and usually remote villages in Indonesia improve their economy. We believe that the right knowledge are keys that unlock a lot of the hidden potential in villages.

The money entrusted to us by our generous donors are used in several ways:

  • Equipping village residents – We organized events that help teach people how to maximize their available resources and their geographical advantages.
  • Education for children – Many children in the villages we help do not have easy access to public schools. We organize programs and small informal classes to help children develop the ability to read and write and think.
  • Scholarships for children – We channel financial support for children in the villages to help them pursue basic and higher-level education.Equipping vill

Through this program, Kingdom Mission sows seeds for sustainable economic growth in the local area with the hope of guiding the community towards a more prosperous future.